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May 2nd, 2010

I just coined that nickname. Pretty cool, right? So cool. You’re dying of cool overload. It’s kind of like Po’ Folks Restaurant. Or the po’ po’. Or, considerably less awesome, po-po-po-poker face.

Um, anyway, I finally got my portfolio back up, which you can see here. SimpleViewer ftw. I’m not the hugest fan of the designs I included in it, but I suppose that’s more incentive to work on my design skills, right? Maybe one day I’ll be as talented as these guys.

The first two are layouts I created today in Photoshop but haven’t yet coded. I’ve normally been one to design mostly via HTML rather than in Photoshop, but I thought I’d switch things up. And pardon the super narcissistic layout featuring a photo of me. I wanted to play with using images in my layouts, since my recent ones have been text and shape based, and I suppose if you’re going to have a photo of someone on your personal site, it might as well be you. Coding those layouts will probably be fairly complicated, so I’ll probably put it off a bit. And I did just put this layout up a few weeks ago (though, not going to lie, I’m already a bit bored of it).

I spent my day doing this rather than working on my 50-page paper about Twitter, but the class is called Internet Design and Programming, not Digital Marketing. I should be doing this kind of thing for my assignment, not writing an exhaustively long analysis of a digital marketing tool.

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